Our mission

The improvement of energy efficiency in buildings as well as the preservation of water resources, are essential goals for individuals, communities and industries alike.

Specialists in innovative techniques and products

Distribution Protec Inc. specializes in the research and commercialization of innovative techniques and products with the objectives of:

  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Energy saving
  • Lower maintenance costs for heating and hot water systems
  • Non-use of chemicals
  • Respect for the environment with high-performance and safe products


Seeking sales agent to commercialise a device that permanently eliminates sludge in closed-loop water heating and cooling systems for all regions of Canada. Must have some knowledge of closed loop water heating systems, chilled water systems, building energy systems or other related field.

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Concrete solutions to common problems

The creation ofsludge of heating networks (or chilled water circuits) is a major source of additional costs both in terms of energy consumption and maintenance costs (corrosion, boiler failures, deterioration of valves, circulators , thermostatic valves …).
Limescale is also a major problem in many areas. Solutions exist but they are very expensive and require maintenance and or consumables, which is binding and not economic.
Leakage of water in the networks can also cause a lot of unnecessary expenses.
The maintenance of ponds (garden ponds, water bodies, natural pools, aquariums) is a continuous work that requires high-performance products that do not damage the eco-system.
In order to provide concrete solutions to all these problems, we offer several innovative and high-performance products.

Our products

Anti-calcaire eficalk

L’anti-calcaire EFICALK est un anti-calcaire d’une efficacité exceptionnelle quelque soit l’installation. Il est hautement performant pour un traitement écologique de l’eau. Il est détartreur, anti-tartre et anti-corrosion.

désemboueur drag'eau

Le Désemboueur Clarificateur DRAG’EAU pour tous les circuits d’eau fermés.Ce système préventif et curatif permet d’éliminer les boues de manière définitive dans tous les circuits de chauffage ou de refroidissement.

Anti-calcaire eficalk

EFICALK is an anti-limescale of exceptional performance for all sizes of installations. It is highly efficient for ecological water treatment and also acts as a tartar remover, anti-tartar and anti-corrosion.

désemboueur drag'eau

The DRAG’EAU sludge eliminator for all closed water circuits. This preventive and curative system makes it possible to eliminate sludge permanently in all heating or cooling circuits.


Laberge Management is very happy with the end results. The Drag-O sludge eliminator was found to be a true and efficient solution to the sludge problem in these three buildings. After this first trial we began to install the sludge eliminator in all of our buildings that are equipped with hot water heating systems. Guy Lepage Technical Service dept. Laberge Management Inc.
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