Laberge Management Inc. owns a large number of commercial buildings located mainly in Québec City and Montréal

Having acquired three 42 unit apartment buildings, we noticed an important sludge problem in those building’s hot water heating systems. The oxidation sludge that was present hindered the operation of the variable speed circulating pumps and heating system controls.


The sludge was mainly generated by the individual branch lines to the apartments that were made from polybutylene tubing that does not have an oxygen barrier. Consequently, the heating water being circulated was constantly picking up oxigen, thus causing a continuous oxidation reaction with the steel piping main sections.

During one specific winter, we had to flush the heating system twice and needed to install filters to reduce the amount of sludge that was building up in the systems.

We decided to install a Drag-O sludge eliminator to address the problem. We installed it on the main circulation loop, thus reversing the oxidation effect into oxido-reduction within the complete system.

After the very first month of the Drag-O being in service, we saw an important drop of the diluted solids level in the heating water and monthly sampling confirmed the progressive disappearance of the oxidation effects. The sludge was completely eliminated, the water returned to a yet unseen clearness and there an efficiency improvement was noted.


Laberge Management is very happy with the end results. The Drag-O sludge eliminator was found to be a true and efficient solution to the sludge problem in these three buildings. After this first trial we began to install the sludge eliminator in all of our buildings that are equipped with hot water heating systems.

Guy Lepage Technical Service dept. Laberge Management Inc.