DRAG’EAU Sludge Eliminator




Sludge in closed loop water systems ((heated floors, radiators, fan-coil units, geothermal loops, chilled water loops, etc) is a common problem in all sizes of networks ranging from home installations to communities and industries.

Sludge in heating networks is characterized by water laden with black or brown matter which gradually obstructs pipes and reduces the energy yields. Eventually, these materials can cause obstructions in installations (valves, thermostatic faucets, circulators …).



Currently, sludge control solutions do not stop the creation of sludge at the source. They require that chemicals be introduced into the heating fluid to minimize the presence of sludge and require that these chemicals be renewed periodically. Filters are sometimes added to catch the sludge but that adds to maintenance costs and again does not deal with the source of sludge in the water.

In addition, it is often necessary to call on professionals to chemically flush the sludge clogging networks which is costly and also needs to be done periodically, resulting in additional expenses.

In order to avoid all these problems, the DRAG’EAU sludge eliminator’s design offers :

  • No the use of chemicals (corrosion inhibitors …)
  • No maintenance or adjustment
  • No consumable of any sort
  • In total autonomy
  • Unlimited operation time
  • Simple and easy installation

Made in Austria, the DRAG’EAU sludge eliminator deals with all the problems related to sludge in heating networks.

The initial efficiency of the heating circuit is gradually restored and the installations are protected against the devastating effects of the sludge.

How does it work ?

The water circulating in heating networks no longer has the characteristics and the molecular structure of water in the natural state (spring water for example).
Water molecules have the ability to bind to each other (thanks to hydrogen bonds). By combining, they form more or less large agglomerations (called “clusters”) with a limited lifespan.

Poor water (heating loop water) can contain very large unstructured clusters. Its structure is completely degraded and contributes to the creation of sludge.

On the other hand, good quality water is formed by polymer type clusters consisting of at most 5 to 6 molecules. This water naturally has a remarkable stability and a very important self-regeneration capacity.


Each DRAG’EAU sludge eliminator is manufactured according to a very specific model. At the center of the device are components that generate a frequency field. By entering the system, the water flow is subjected to a Vortex effect and is divided into several partial and laminar currents.


This distribution of calo-carrier in the heart of the device ensures that 100% of the flow is subject to the frequencies emitted by the system. With each passage, the water is restructured and finds its capacity of self-regeneration. The elements that form the sludge disappear (reversal of an oxidation process to an oxydo-reduction process). The phenomenon of sludg is stopped and reversed. The liquid quickly clears up remains this way as long as the Drag’Eau is in place.


  • Disappearance of sludge
  • Improved efficiency and heat exchange
  • Heating cost reduction
  • Elimination of needs for chemicals (biocides, corrosion inhibitors …)
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs
  • Extended service life of the equipment
  • Easy installation and implementation
  • Process part of the HQE approach

Scope of application

  • Residential central heating
  • Heating floor
  • Commercial and industrial heating
  • Central air treatment
  • Cooling water circuit


The DRAG’EAU system is divided in 2 product lines:

  • The “Sludge Eliminator” (for heating and chilled water networks)
  • The “POOL” product line intended to improve the quality of swimming pools.


References Connection Flow (L/mn) Length (mm) Diameter Weight (kg)
DS-D25 1’’ 70 100 45 0.65
DS-D32 1’’1/4 100 105 79 2.05
DS-D40 1’’1/2 150 105 79 2.30
DS-D50 2’’ 300 143 79 2.30
DS-D65 2″ 1/2 470 180 124 7.70
DS-D80 3″ 640 180 124 6.80


References Connection Flow (L/mn) Length (mm) Diameter Weight (kg)
DS-DPlus20 ¾’’ 50 140 79 2.85
DS-DPlus25 1’’ 90 140 50 2.85
DS-DPlus32 1’’1/4 100 140 79 2.40
DS-DPlus40 1’’1/2 160 216 79 3.85
DS-DPlus50 2’’ 300 215 120 10.55

*The industry product line is delivered with adapted connections

S-P DEVICES Pool treatment

References Connection Flow (L/mn) Length (mm) Diameter Weight (kg)
DS-P25 1’’ 90 105 79 2.20
DS-P40 1’’1/2 100 106 79 2.90
DS-P50 2’’ 290 250 79 4.18

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