EFICALK Anti-limescale


The EFICALK anti-limescale is the definitive solution against limescale.

It is 100% autonomous and offers :

  • Permanent protection against limescale
  • The elimination of existing tartar deposits
  • Anti-corrosion protection of installations



In many regions, the water distributed by the networks often carries limescale.

As a result, individuals, communities and industries face the following problems :

  • Premature wear of installations
  • Increasing energy consumption
  • Clogging and corrosion of water networks
  • Increased maintenance costs and increased failures

Today, there are many solutions to fight against limescale (water softener, galvanic electrolysis system, magnetic system, CO2 system) but they require either maintenance or consumables or a complex installation.



In order to avoid all these constraints, the EFICALK anti-limescale was designed to work with outstanding efficiency :

  • No electricity
  • No grounding
  • No salt
  • No upkeep or maintenance
  • No consumable
  • No adjustment
  • No chemicals
  • No rejects
  • No zinc anode or magnet

How does it work ?

What makes the EFICALK anti-limescale efficient is its exceptional ability to transform limestone in its encrusting (calcite) form into inert and non-encrusting aragonite. Furthermore, it adds no product to the water and has no rejection.


While passing through the EFICALK anti-limescale, the water is subjected to a Vortex effect and passes through a field of low frequencies which will modify the crystalline structure of the limescale. Calcium and magnesium carbonate is converted into aragonite.

The aragonium associated with the water flow makes it possible to dissolve the scale encrusted on the walls of pipes, on the resistances of water-heaters, on the plates of exchangers. EFICALK anti-limescale therefore also has a powerful anti-scale effect. Once the descaling is done, there will remain a thin layer of homogeneous protection (patina).

The EFICALK anti-limescale also contributes to the fight against oxidation. The low frequency field provides the energy required to fight corrosion.

EFICALK anti-limescale is installed directly in the cold water supply. The treated cold water feeds the hot water tank, enters the hot water system and has to be reprocessed on the loop return by a second device. This ensures effective post-processing and will allow the entire equipment to be protected.


The EFICALK anti-limescale and anti-corrosion system ensures :

  • Long-lasting protection of pipes against scale and corrosion
  • An extension of the lifespan of DHW tanks, faucets, appliances, heat exchangers …
  • A decrease in water leaks or pipe breaks
  • A conservation of energy efficiency of installations
  • The elimination of existing scale


Space-saving and easy to install, these devices make it possible to get rid of the water softener’s usual constraints (very large footprint, electrical connections, water evacuation, salt storage …)

Hot water treatment up to 75°C.

Grade Devices References Connection Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Flow (m3/h)
Home EFI-20 DN20 3/4’’ 100 59 3
Communities EFI-25 DN25 1’’ 129 59 4,2
Industry EFI-40 DN40 1’’1/2 140 79 10,8
EFI-65 DN65 2’’1/2 174 123 27

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